What is Home Loan


Home Loan is provided by the Bank/NBFC for the purpose of purchase or construction or improvement of your Residential Property.


Rate of Interest


Rate of Interest for Home Loan at present range from 8.75% to 13% depending on the profile & property




We are providing funding on almost all types of Properties i.e Approved, Regularized, Lal Dora & others.


  • For Plot purchase Loan & Plot Purchase + Construction Loan,Loan will be provided on Approved Properties & With Map properties

Home Loan Eligibility


Home Loan Eligibility depends on the following conditions :-


Your total annual income

  • Your existing liabilities.
  • Valuation of your property.
  • Your total work experience and experience in your current job/Business.
  • Financial documents.

* Minimum Age at the time of Application should be 21 years


Maximum Loan Amount depends on the Income, Property Registry Value and Property Market Value .While deciding on the Eligibility in case of Salaried bank generally takes into consideration Gross Salary, Rental Income & Present EMI which He/She is paying.

In Case of Business, Banks takes into consideration various factors such as Annual Turnover/Receipt/Commission, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Average Bank Balance, Rental Income , Present EMI and Various other factors such as your property condition, your work condition etc.