What is Overdraft Loan


Overdraft/Cash Credit popularly known as OD/CC is a Working Capital Loan provided by the Banks/NBFCs against your existing Property mostly for working capital need.


Rate of Interest


Rate of Interest at present varies from 9.25% to 16% depending on the profile & property of the customer.




We are providing funding on almost all types of properties i.e.


  1. Residential – Approved, Regularized
  2. Commercial – Approved, Regularized
  3. Industrial – Approved
  4. Farm House - Approved
  5. Hotel, Restaurant, Guest House, School, College etc.

Overdraft Loan Eligibility


Overdraft Eligibility depends on the following conditions :-


  • Your total annual income
  • Your existing liabilities.
  • Valuation of your property.
  • Your total work experience and experience in your current job/Business.
  • Financial documents.

* Minimum Age at the time of Application should be 21 years


Maximum Loan Amount depends on the Sales, Debtors , Creditors and Property Market Value. Banks takes into consideration various factors such as Annual Turnover/Receipt/Commission, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Average Bank Balance, Present EMI and Various other factors such as your property condition, your work condition etc.