Online Loan Eligibility Check/Calculator

Online Loan Eligibility Check/Calculator

At present, when someone is planning to take a Loan he/she has to Visit/Contact the bank or DSA /share the documents with the concerned Bank or DSA. In the process, many times file is log in to different banks which ultimately affects the CIBIL and also waste the precious time for the one looking to avail the loan.

To save that time and harassment .Online Loan Eligibility Calculator is designed where you can check your loan eligibility beforehand (Accuracy up to 80%) and save on your time and CIBIL.

At Win Capital we have designed a calculator which will tell you the Maximum loan you are eligible for on the basis of your Income and Property in case of Property related Loan and on the basis of Income only in case of Non Collateral Loan (Without Property).

With Loan Eligibility Calculator, one get the tentative eligibility on the basis of Income and Property which give the initial understanding of the loan amount one is eligible for.

A Person can pre check their eligibility in case of Home Loan, Loan against Property, Cash Credit Limit, OD Limit, CGTMSE Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan and Used Car Loan.

Steps for Checking Loan Eligibility

1. Visit the website

wincapital website

2. Click on Check Your Eligibility on the Home Page

3. Select your Loan Type whether it is Home Loan ,Loan Against Property or others

4. Select Loan Sub type i.e. whether it is a New Loan or Balance Transfer or Balance Transfer + Top up

Online Loan Eligibility Check/Calculator

5. On selecting the Loan Sub type, you will be directed to next page where you have to fill the     Personal Detail like Name, Mobile Number ,Email id, Location ,Loan Amount you are looking   for and your occupation.

Online Loan Eligibility Check/Calculator

6. On the next page, you have to fill the column like Present age, CIBIL score (if you know) and       CIBIL issue if any

Online Loan Eligibility Check/Calculator

7. On the next page, fill on your financial detail such as your Gross Salary, Net Salary etc. (in     case you are salaried) or Net Profit, Depreciation etc. (in case you are Self Employed )

Online Loan Eligibility Check/Calculator

8. Thereafter fill in the property detail if you are looking for Property loan.

Online Loan Eligibility Check/Calculator

After filling all the above parameters you will get your loan eligibility.

However there are some restrictions for loan eligibility calculator, it gives the fair idea of your loan eligibility on the basis of your income and property but does not look into your profile, exact property position .So it is always advisable to get your consultancy done through our loan experts after checking your loan eligibility.

There can be instances where a loan eligibility calculator won’t show you the result as your CIBIL Score is low or your work experience is less or there may be some other reason but still the case is doable depending on the justification and your Profile.

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