Planning to take Home Loan, Decide yourself the Best Loan Deal

Planning to take Home Loan, Decide yourself the Best Loan Deal

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Buying a Home is a dream for many. While buying a Home a Buyer looks into many Prospects. Some of them are Location, Budget, Feasibility and many others. In the same way, there are many things to look for in Home Loan also. Home Loan deal depends on many factors such as Profile of the Customer, Income of the Customer, Location of the Property ( Whether it is Approved Property, Under construction Property, Plot only, Plot Purchase + Construction, Local Builder property, Approved Builder Property, Lal Dora Property or Regularized Area Property).

Generally the Home Loan Rate of Interest is lowest in case of Good Salaried Profile with Approved Property. With Change in Profile or Property the Rate of Interest may change.

There are many Banks and NBFCs in the market offering Home Loan to different Profiles and on Different Properties. It is where a good DSA comes handy. They not only have access to many Banks and NBFCs but also have the expertise to get you the Best deal. A good DSA helps you in providing Best Home Loan Facility.

We, At Win Capital not only parts you knowledge regarding the Best Home Loan deal you can get but also give you service in getting the loan.

We never force a Customer to get into a particular Bank or NBFC. We always try to choose the bank the customer is interested in, by providing him with all the detail of the Loan of that Bank.
Also in Win Capital, you can Pre check your tentative Eligibility before log in of the file so that your CIBIL don’t get effected.

Points to be looked in by the Bank while deciding the Rate of Interest and Other things :

1. Profile of the Customer

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Profile of the Customer is one of the most important aspect Bank looks into while deciding the Deal. Generally salaried customer working in Good Company is the most comfortable profile for the Banks. For Self Employed Businessman and Self Employed Professional, a good profile is the customer who is eligible for loan on the basis of his Net Profit. For Other Profile Banks/NBFCs has to work on the loan on the basis of their Banking, Turnover and many other things.

2. Property to be Mortgaged

home loan Property to be Mortgaged

Second most important aspect while deciding on the Rate of Interest is the location of the property and whether property is Approved/Regularised/ Gram Panchayat or Lal Dora Property.

3.CIBIL Score

What is CIBIL Score or Credit Score | Best Tips 2020

CIBIL is also one of the factor in deciding the Rate of Interest. CIBIL with score as low as 550 is almost impossible to do unless and until there is proper justification for the same. CIBIL with score more than 550 to 700 can be worked on with proper justification and CIBIL with score more than 700 is always doable. However Consideration on CIBIL score between 550 to 700 also depends on type of loan you are approaching for. For e.g. CIBIL Score with 650 can be considered in case of Property Loan with proper justification but CIBIL score with less than 750 can’t be considered for Business Loan/Personal Loan or any Unsecured Loan.

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