Why Relationship Manager


Relationship Management is a very important part in any Service Industry. However in Loans it is not given due importance, but is required very badly. If you ar a Businessman, requires funds on time to time basis or is having a big existing portfolio or not able to arrange funds due to CIBIL issue, you need a expert in this field who can guide & manage your portfolio efficiently so that you get your desired funds and at low cost. Even Salaried can need a relationship manager if they are having a CIBIL issue, Eligibility issue or Mortgage property issue.

We Understand this,so We at Win Capital have a concept of Dedicated Relationship Manager who not only help you in arranging new funds but will Provide many Afterloan & Other Services.


Their Services Include :


  • Arranging New Funds
  • Managing your Existing Loan Portfolio
  • Guiding you time to time  regarding Low Rate of Interest,New better Products in the Market etc.
  • Guidance regarding how to Manage your accounts so as to Maximise your Loan Eligibility and minimise your EMI Burden
  • Communication with various banks regarding your Various Needs such as Foreclosure Letter,Revision of Rate of Interest, List of Docs or any other requirement
  • Taking care of CIBIL issues . Providing Guidance for CIBIL issues