Tata AIA Life Insurance


Sampoorna Raksha +

Key Features

  • Life Cover Up to Age 100 Years
  • Return of Premiums on Maturity
  • Policy Term of up to 40 Years
  • Pay Premuim Regularly or for 5/10/12 Years
  • Enhanced Protection with Optional Rider
  • Tax Savings

Maha Raksha Supreme


Key Features


  • Life Cover Up to Age 85 OR option for Whole Life Coverage (Till 100 Years)
  • Inbuilt Payout Accelerator Benefit that advances 50% of Basic Sum Assured in event of a Terminal Illnes Diagnosis
  • Increase in Cover at Future Milestone Event in Your Life with Life Stage plus Option , without the Hassles of Fresh Medical Underwriting
  • Pay only Once,for a Limited period or throughout the Policy Term
  • Option to enhance protection through Rider
  • Discounted Rates for Female lives and Standard Premium rates for Non Smokers
  • Tax Benefits as applicable tax lawa

Guaranteed Return Insurance Plan


Key Features


  • Maturity Benefits up to 231.50% of Total Premium Paid
  • Guaranteed Additions @5% of Guaranteed Maturity Benefits
  • Pay Premium for Half of the Policy term of 10,12 and 20 Years
  • Lifecover throughout the policy term
  • Optional Rider
  • Tax Benefit as per Applicable Tax Laws

Guaranteed Monthly Income Plan


Key Features


  • Guaranteed Monthly Income for Double the Policy Term
  • Large Premium Boost to Increase Monthly Income
  • Life Cover to Protect your Loved Ones
  • Optional Rider
  • Tax Benefits as per Applicable Tax Laws

Smart Income Plus


Key Features


  • Guaranteed Regular Income ranging from 120% to 160% of the Annualised Premium plus lumpsum on Maturity
  • Flexibility to Choose between Income and Endowment Benefit
  • Life Cover minimum 11 times of annualised Premium
  • Optional Riders
  • Tax Benefits as per Applicable Tax Laws